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Who We Are

In January of 1975, a group of people with a common interest in photography decided that they would form a camera club, thus the Port Washington Camera Club was born. Since then, we have changed our name, met at various locations other than the original one, the Port Washington Public Library, and gone through several different meeting schedule schemes, from a schedule where we basically met every Wednesday, September through June, to our present two or three meetings per month. We have a wonderful group of people who enjoy each other and photography.

The club's members have considerable experience in nearly all phases of photography. The most popular subject matters are Travel (which many members do extensively) and Nature, followed by Portraiture, Architecture, Family, Sports, Abstracts, Photo Journalism, Animals, Reflections and Sculptures.




Meetings are held two or three times monthly in either the Port Washington Library, 1 Library Drive or at the Community Chest Building (Harold E. Mertz Community Center), 382 Main Street, Port Washington, starting at 8:00p.m. Programs include Speakers, Critiques and Members' Nights.See our meeting schedule for details.

Our meetings fall into the following categories:

Speakers: Well known professional photographers are invited each month as guest speakers to discuss in detail and demonstrate their particular area of expertise and techniques.

Critiques: Members are invited to submit up to three prints (black and white and/or color) or three digital files on any subject to be critiqued and rated on composition, exposure, and technique by experienced outside photography judges. A special 'challenge topic' is assigned each critique night, with each member invited to submit one or more print or slide of that particular topic amoung the three submitted, which the judge will critique and rate on the aforementioned categories as well as whether it adheres to the assigned topic. Although critiquing is non-competitive, the judges rate on a scale of pass, 7,8 or 9.

Members' nights: On meeting nights when no speakers are scheduled, members are invited to show slides for up to ten minutes, on any subject and tell about them. A popular Members' Night is always the first meeting of each season in September, which is designated as "What I Did This Summer," when members can show excerpts of their of their photographic efforts over the past several months.

Annual Slide & Music Show: For many years the PCLI has held an Exhibit and Multimedia Photographic Presentation. The May Slide and Music Show features programs by members, enhanced by accompanying music. Subject matter ranges from local Long Island images to as far away as Timbuktu.

Annual Print Exhibit: The other public presentation is a Print Exhibit that annually features about 50 prints, both black and white and color, covering a wide range of subjects.